Gwlad yr Astra Gwyn

Gwlad yr Astra Gwyn

The light entertainment series, Gwlad Yr Astra Gwyn has proved to be extremely popular with S4C's audiences with Trefor Tacsis returning for more adventures.

Trefor first appeared on the screen as part of the Ddoe Am ddeg series, but his popularity saw S4C commission six half hour programmes for early 2012.

"Rondo are very proud that the character has developed from Ddoe am Ddeg and been considered strong enough to secure a series in his own right," said series producer, Bedwyr Rees.

"We had to give more consideration to the flow of the storyline but it also gave us a chance to develop some of the characters who had been quite superficial up until then," explains Bedwyr.

"For example, the boys were nothing but noisy young lads shouting silly things in the back of the car. As we developed the series, it was important to give each of them more depth."

Through the chatter of the passengers we learn more about their lives, but what about Trefor?

"We get to know Trefor through the way he responds to his passengers," says Bedwyr. "The truth is, there is an element of sadness to each one of the characters, but Trefor's optimism overcomes everything. He's happy, and whatever happens he never despairs."

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