Rownd a Rownd

Rownd a Rownd

The first episode of Rownd a Rownd was broadcast in 1995 and was the first Welsh language soap opera for children and young people, but since then it has managed to become a favourite for all the family.

The drama is filmed on a purpose built set which includes a cafe, newsagent, hair salon as well as 12 seperate interiors.

The storylines revolve around four paper rounds and the daily life of the paper boys and girls, their friends, their families and enemies!

Originally broadcast as two 15 minute episodes a week, the series has expanded to be one of the cornerstones of S4C- broadcasted twice a week throughout the year.

It’s a fervent series full of humour which nevertheless never shies away from dealing with the everlasting topics and problems which affect young people.

Rownd a Rownd also makes great use of other digital platforms. The show's lively website is full of video content and has been pioneering in terms of bonus storyline footage. It also has a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and a youtube channel.

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